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England’s centre-backs: vs Turkey

The match against Turkey, for Cahill and Stones, was generally a quiet affair. You could probably count the times they had to tax themselves to deal with the opposition on your fingers.

Turkey’s goal, in the 13th minute, was one of these, although really it should only count as a half-example. It was more a case of running and basic positioning than reading the game in a more advanced way.

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What could he have done? – John Stones vs Tottenham Hotspur (03/01/16)

What could he have done? – John Stones (vs Tottenham Hotspur 03/01/16)

NB: The gifs in this may take a while to load, apologies, I’m working on editing them to reduce the size and loading time

[This is a more ‘coaching focused’ (I say this though have never coached in my life) piece; instead of just drawing attention to good or bad parts of a player’s game, I’ll try to suggest how they could change in future to improve. This sounds pompous already.]

Coincidentally, one of the first instances of room for improvement also features one of the tendencies of Stones which my gut has a sincere problem with. Continue reading