The pieces below have been hosted on the Leicester Mercury, Islington Gazette, the Huddersfield Examiner (regional papers), In Bed With Maradonna, Eastbridge Sports Betting, Statsbomb, this blog, Vimeo, and The Ripple (University of Leicester student paper).

They are mostly football based – with some statistical work, player analysis, and more mainstream pieces like match reports – but also some more general journalism too.

From Liquidation to Ligue 1: An article for In Bed With Maradonna detailing RC Strasbourg’s resurrection in just six years from financial ruin to the top league in France.

ETNAR Investigates: Ranieri Rumours: An investigation of the rumours of player power surrounding the sacking of Claudio Ranieri, trying to synthesise the messages being made public.

The Kante conundrum: Not currently online. Article for the Leicester Mercury looking at the stats of Kanté’s absence from the side, seven weeks into the 2016/17 Premier League season and in the build-up to their clash against Chelsea. Was in print edition of the paper.

Victor Lindelof and Virgil van Dijk scouting videos: High quality scouting videos looking at (at the time) Benfica centre-back, linked (at the time) to Manchester United, Victor Lindelof; and (at the time) Southampton centre-back, linked with (at the time) everyone, Virgil van Dijk.

Behind the Scenes at Leicester City: An article for The Ripple looking at the job a performance analyst does at Leicester City, after having interviewed Peter Clark, current First Team Performance Analyst at the club. [note: hosted on ETNAR due to change in University of Leicester student media]

Tactics corner: We analyse how Arsenal can beat Manchester City: Tactical preview for the Islington Gazette, analysing how Manchester City were likely to line up for their match at the Emirates [2 April 2017] and how Arsenal might be able to combat this.

Burnley – Doing it Differently?: Article for stats giant Statsbomb using data and video to look at what Burnley might be doing differently to the norm to help explain their (surprising) midtable performance in 2016/17.

How Huddersfield Town are pressing for promotion: Article for the Huddersfield Examiner on Huddersfield’s pressing statistics, and general stats for them and their promotion rivals.

In Real life, it’s the Galactico Empire that wins: A match report on a Roma vs Real Madrid Champions League tie. Alternatively, Smoke and Mirrors – Watford vs Hull is a lightly-statistically minded match report, which is also pretty good.

Burnley v Liverpool analysis: A 5-minute video analysis of the Burnley vs Liverpool Premier League game (Burnley won 2-0) using in-game video footage.

Red for Leicester Free Speech: A news article for The Ripple written about a Red ‘Free Speech’ rating the University of Leicester was given by a spiked-online.com survey. [note: hosted on ETNAR due to change in University of Leicester student media]

C’est pas un SOS, mais l’équipe de Strasbourg est un peu (Epi)nul: A match report of a National league (French 3rd division) Strasbourg vs Epinal match, translated by myself into French (the original also being on the site, here).

Copa America 2016 shirts: ranked: Does what it says on the tin. Less numbers, more fashion and style.

Crosses for Nought? Xs and Os: Traditional crosses, are they ‘good’, and how to improve them: An investigation of ‘traditional’ type crosses, including self-collected data of just over 500 examples from around 40 matches.

Defensive Correlations: The Return: A look at some correlations between defensive statistics for centre-backs and shots conceded, using data gathered manually.