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Shinji Okazaki – The Ultimate Ron (or a reminder of why this blog’s called “Every Team Needs A Ron”)

There comes a time in oh so many forms of media when things need to be updated for a new era. Shakespeare gets taken over by Baz Luhrmann, with swords becoming guns and pre-pubescent boys becoming Claire Danes. Captain America still starts as a Nazi-fighting soldier in World War Two, but there comes a point where the passage of time dictates that he must be frozen in ice in order to exist in the present day.

‘Every Team Needs A Ron’ theory began in 2011. It was an entirely different age.

The final Harry Potter film had recently been released and Scott Parker was in the running for awards and England caps. This was a time before we (the people, the mainstream) properly valued defensive midfielders who didn’t just exist to put in crunching tackles. It was before the revisionist history of Paul Scholes was penned, writing him in as an alternative reality’s World Cup winner, had he only played in central midfield. Continue reading


The continuing importance of the ‘Ron’

Arsenal and Liverpool first and second! Who’d have thought it! Especially at the beginning of the season when everyone was predicting Mourinho’s Second Coming would gift Chelsea the league with Pellegrini’s Manchester City grabbing second. Even when Arsenal bought Özil, nobody really gave them a chance of challenging for the title but here they are, nearly a third of the way through the season, still there at the summit of the Premier League mountain.

And the reason for this (which you’ll already know if you read my piece for the ever-wonderful Bets of Mates is largely down to the re-signing of Flamini and the use of the role that he usually plays [for the sake of looking in-depth, I will just concentrate on Arsenal for this article].

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Wayne Rooney: the position switch, from Harry to Ron

Sir Alex Ferguson is not a stupid man, so when he plays a player ‘out of position’, it’s because he knows best. He moved Alan Smith from a top goalscorer to a committed central midfielder when he transferred to Manchester United just under a decade ago and a similar transition is taking place with Wayne Rooney now. Though Smith and Rooney were different types of strikers, and will be different types of midfielders, it is worth noting that this is not a radically new strategy from Ferguson and that these types of experiments tend to work out for the best. Continue reading

Every Team Needs A Ron: Revisited

About eight months ago, I wrote an article about where the worlds of Harry Potter and football collide, when fiction becomes fact and why every team does indeed need a Ron. The article (here: does seem a little dated now, even after this short space of time; for example, it speaks of the vital role Scott Parker was playing and the importance of De Jong at Manchester City. So it seemed appropriate to pen a second edition, in particular bringing in the ‘Is Michael Carrick actually any good?’ argument.

First of all though, what exactly is a Ron? To summarise from the previous article, they are hardworking, reliable, trustworthy, below the radar players – Continue reading

Every Team Needs A Ron

Why haven’t England performed better at major tournaments over the last 20 years? Why couldn’t Gerrard and Lampard work together better in central midfield? Both questions have been pondered over for several years by football fans and theories vary wildly from “they’re too similar” to “they’re too different” and even rumours that they ‘hate each other’. Strangely, my answer starts with a conversation with my Dad about what Ron Weasley brought to the table in the Harry Potter books. Continue reading