Pilot: The ETNAR football podcast (David Luiz and the mythic 7-1 match), and why it exists

I’ll stick the embedded pod here, and then proceed to explain a bit of backstory below that, as that’s the less important bit.

If there’s one thread of the football stuff I do, it’s probably ‘hey, can this thing be done? No-one else seems to be doing it, or at least not like this. I think I can do it’. From that you get your: focus on centre-back and other defensive stats; centre-back eye-test analysis; making genuinely useful statistical and tactical analyses something people can enjoy reading; video analysis and *good* player highlight reels; obsession with making match reports relevant in the age of Twitter.

And, the latest question, ‘can you do meaningful analysis of a player’s game in audio form?’. Logic says no. People like the video analyses for a reason, and different things occupy different mediums for a reason. Some stuff is easier to understand visually, some verbally. But I listen to a lot of podcasts and, well, I’ve done video and done written word stuff. ‘The Pod’ is still a land left to conquer. So, yeah.

Have a listen. If you enjoy it, please share it as it took several hours longer than I was expecting it to (like with many of these things I listed having done above; fun story, I originally chose centre-back stats to focus on because I thought they would be easy). If you’ve got feedback, feel free to throw it my way too.


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