Patreon – just launched

So, I’ve set up a Patreon. What that means is that you can contribute a small amount per month and get some exclusive juicy content, as well as generally helping me out. I’ll copy and paste the ‘About’ section of my Patreon page below:

“If you’re on this page then you probably know that centre-backs, and telling people what those centre-backs are actually good at, is kinda my thing.

With Every Team Needs A Ron, I care about three things:

  1. 1. Quality analysis
  2. 2. Making sure fans get this quality analysis in a way they can enjoy
  3. 3. Making sure I’m able to *provide* this quality analysis

This last one means getting some money out of it, because quality takes man-hours.  From just 2 dollars a month (that’s only $0.50 a week), patrons will get *exclusive* thoughts on goings on centre-backs and other footballing things, AND EVEN MORE depending on what reward tier you choose.

Huge thanks to anyone that pledges and, to steal a line from Juan Mata, hugs. If you appreciate my work or find it interesting or valuable, I’d be truly touched if you contribute something towards it.”


Why am I doing this? This stuff costs time and most people have grown up with the expectation that everything on the internet is free. But, as we can see from journalism, that isn’t a good model. An awful lot of time is put into work that people (not just me) do, and as cringe-inducing as it is to use this phrase, ‘time is money’.

To be honest, this is also something of a test run for others in the vague circle of the football community who may be thinking of doing something like this. I’m aware that a fair number of writers and YouTubers already have Patreons, but this doesn’t seem to have crossed over much into the football domain. It makes sense, I think, to set something up for myself rather than to try and create a website which pays writers – I can bear paying myself £1 per hour’s work of Patreon backed money if the campaign doesn’t get off the ground to any great extent, but I couldn’t allow myself to do that to other writers.

Anyway, if you enjoy what I do, please shove in a couple of whatever currency you use if you can spare it. The lowest tier is just a handful of pence a week, so it isn’t too much. If you don’t, or can’t, back monetarily, then please share the Patreon page around. Eternal thanks and may love(ren) be with you, Mark.


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