Online analysts of the year 2016/17

Most people in this, sometimes strange, little corner of the web of ours work pretty hard in their spare time for little or (more usually) no pay. It can be dispiriting when dead ends are hit or hours of work result in 4 favourites and an RT, and so this is an annual way to say to people: “hey, nice job buddy”, because otherwise we might forget to do it.

The established names (your Teds, your Mikes and Other Mikes) get mentioned, so what I’m going to do is mention peoples’ favourite online analysts *of the future*. The [looks at the phrasing of the questionnaire I put together] people who you all are looking forward to seeing more from in the coming year.On a diversity note, it’s heartening that the newer names seem a lot more diverse than the old guard have been, although there’s still only one woman on the list.

I’ll link to their Twitter profiles generally, as that’s how I think everyone got to the questionnaire to fill it in, and most people have links to their blogs or other work from there. (Where people have their names in their Twitter profiles I’ll use them, if not I’ll use their handle)

It’s a bit list-y, but this is essentially a “here’s who you should follow” list for anyone new to the whole ‘sports analysis’ thing

Nils Mackay (only seems fair to mention Nils got a number of mentions)

Raven Beale

Tiago Estevao

Peter McKeever

David Perdomo

Euan Dewer

SPFL Radar

Ashwin Raman



Matt Allen

Masroor Hussnain

George Ball

Francesco Sulas

Shivam Manghnani

Carlo Valladeres



Ryan Quinn


Ed Shorthouse



And now, after a look to the future, here are the people that the public like generally as their favourite online analysts of 2016/17. I’ll mention some of the non-‘stats twitter establishment’ names first. I’m fudging it slightly, but they’re names that either might get overlooked or didn’t come up last year.

“I miss Chad Murphy </3”

Pieter Zwart

Priya Ramesh

Dan Kennett

Andrew Beasley

Kevin Minkus

The Backpass Rule

Dougie Wright

Salvador Carmona

Christian Wulff

Jack Lyons [locked account]

Man Utd Stats

Alex Rathke

Challengers podcast

Tobias Escher


Jarrod Kimber


Tim Stillman

David Selini


Ben Mayhew

Judah Davies

Spielverlagerung in general (German, English)


The establishment, or as one respondent calls them ‘the gang etc’

James Yorke


Neil Charles


Thom Lawrence

Ted Knutson

Mohamed Mohamed

Saturdays on Couch

Michael Caley

Mike Goodman

Sam Gregory

Bobby Gardiner

Paul Riley

Nikos Overhaul

Martin Eastwood

David Sumpter

Tom Worville


Steve Jackson

Garry Gelade

Marek Kwiatowski





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