Ron’s round-up (another test piece)

Very few of us have got time to watch every Premier League game, but a lot of us want to keep up with what’s going on. (Every Team Needs A) Ron’s round-up will take you through every game, giving you everything you need to know quicker than the time it would take to watch a highlight reel of all these games.

Key: ‘Final 1/3’ = Completed passes into the final third; ‘Set-ups’ = shot assists completed into the final third in the direction of the Danger Zone (central strip of the box); ‘Shot line’ = total shots/shots on target/optimal shots*; 1H/2H = first half/second half

*[a concept developed by Julien Assuncao here, counting open play, footed shots inside the box]

Arsenal United

  • The stats add up to look even, which may be a fair reflection, although a clear split develops before and after the goals
  • 0-57 mins: Arsenal 81 final third passes; United 38
  • 58-90 mins: Arsenal 33 final third passes; United 53


Liverpool Southampton

  • Liverpool utter dominance, but didn’t convert it to good chances
  • …or convert their penalty


Man City Palace

  • City utter dominance. *Did* convert to good the possession to good chances.


West Ham Tottenham

  • West Ham efficient with their possession
  • Similar shot lines, West Ham may have won on a coin flip


Swansea Everton

  • Everton had territory, but didn’t create.
  • Abject shot line for their possession share


Hull Sunderland

  • Hull look unlucky, to be honest. Decent creation and shot line


Leicester Watford

  • Why ‘optimal shots’ is a useful concept, Watford’s shot line looks good up until then
  • Watford having a lot of possession outside of the final third – where it matters


Burnley West Brom

  • Burnley having 55% possession is… weird.
  • Not much final third action or super shot lines, 4 goals unexpected


Bournemouth Stoke.png

  • Both struggled to get shots on target
  • Pattern of passing similar (each team with around 25% of their completed passes in final third), Stoke perhaps more efficient with it
  • An own goal for each game is fun in its own weird way

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