From me this month… – February 2017

Where do we go from here? Stoke City and midtable problems (Eastbridge Sports Betting) – Looking around current and previous examples of solidly upper midtable clubs to see if there are lessons Stoke can learn about where to aim for next, given the European places look off limits at the moment.

Stat-packed preview of the Premier League weekend games 4-5 February (ETNAR) – Does what it says on the tin, this time focussing on Hull vs Liverpool, Leicester vs Manchester United, and Watford vs Burnley.

Wingers are the Future (Eastbridge) – Arguing that the progression of football will swing back in the winger’s favour, led (possibly) by a certain Pep Guardiola.

Barcelona struck through the heart on Valentine’s Day (ETNAR) – Match report of the PSG-Barcelona Champions League game (a florid rather than straight-factual one, given that everyone has seen the game).

Manchester United’s remarkable position (Eastbridge) – After 10 games I said United wouldn’t reach the top 4. After 25 games, I defend those comments (using stats and a killer paragraph about Trump).

Burnley: Doing it Differently? (Statsbomb) – The Statsbomb debut, using data and video to try and uncover some of the things that Burnley are doing which are propelling them to an unexpected midtable finish (in all likelihood)

Stones and Otamendi (ETNAR Facebook) – A short post on the brand new Every Team Needs A Ron Facebook page about Stones and Otamendi, in the aftermath of the ludicrous 5-3 match against Monaco, coming as a slight defence of them.

The narrative around Leicester’s rise and fall is overly simplistic (Eastbridge) – A run through of the *many* factors involved first in Leicester’s rise last season, and more heavily on their problems this season.

Sevilla vs Leicester, A match in 5 acts (ETNAR) – A match report of the Sevilla vs Leicester Champions League game, making use of the wonderful StatsZone app.

Leicester’s signings (ETNAR Facebook) – Given that poor signings were a reason being cited for Leicester underperformance, I ran through their 2016/17 season signings and gave a quick assessment of them all.

ETNAR Investigates: Ranieri rumours (ETNAR) – Continuing the Leicester trend, this time after the Ranieri sacking, I synthesised the rumours that were swirling to try and distill what they were saying and make a little more sense out of them.





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