From me this month… – December 2016

I’ll try to do this in date order (I said alphabetical order last month for some bizarre, unknown reason), though there’s a chance I may miss something.

The Football Manager Random Number Challenge – The Hawthorn in your side, ep 2. (Every Team Needs A Ron) – The second instalment in my FM save where a random number generator picks my formations. You may guess, it was not going well.

Manchester City vs Chelsea – Time, linear cause and effect, and the word for tomato (ETNAR) – A poetic match report of this clash of the titans, calling David Luiz a hero, De Bruyne an apple of love, and giving some relatively decent analysis.

What’s happened to West Ham? (Eastbridge Sports Betting) – A bit of a look at what has been different for West Ham this season, statistically, than last; primarily their shot on target conversion rate and ball progression along the chain of conversion.

The Football Manager Random Number Challenge – The Hawthorn in your side, ep 3. (ETNAR) – The third, and final, instalment of the random number formation save. As you may have guessed, it didn’t go well.

Victor Lindelof – Scouting video (Vimeo) – A bar-setting standard of a centre-back scouting video for Victor Lindelof, rumoured to be a source of interest/desire for Manchester United

Arsenal, Chelsea, and Southampton: Record breakers, water to wine, and a source of hope (Eastbridge) – A look at three teams’ conversion rates, using shot maps, and casting doubt on two of the big guns.

Playing with RoJones (ETNAR) – A look at how Phil Jones and Marcos Rojo have been playing in their run as Manchester United’s starting centre-backs, and how the team around them may be helping them look good.

Manchester City’s full-backs (Eastbridge) – Looking at Guardiola’s use of false full-backs during his tenure at Man City, and pondering on whether we’ll see more of them soon.

Virgil van Dijk – Scouting video (Vimeo) – Scouting video for general source of interest and click-gaining transfer rumours, Virgil van Dijk. Get all your info on the lad here.

Winter break watch (Eastbridge) – A whizz around Europe during the winter break, looking at fallen giants, unexpectedly high up small teams, and statistical quirks.

How Huddersfield Town are pressing for promotion (Huddersfield Examiner) – For the Huddersfield local paper (‘s website), a look at Town and their pressing, the tight Championship, and how some of their rivals for promotion are getting on.




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