From me this month…

I’ll try and do this in alphabetical order, though there is a somewhat noticeable chance that I’ll have missed something.

Premier League Predictions (Eastbridge Sports Betting) – Looking at some history to predict who’s gonna end up in the top 4/relegation places based on the first 10 games of the season. Remember back when we’d only played 10 games? Ah, good times.

Smoke and Mirrors – Watford vs Hull match report (Every Team Needs A Ron) – A poetic match report of an unpoetic match, extolling the virtues of Jake Livermore while using the *excellent* StatsZone app.

Scattergun stat round-up (ETNAR) – A bit of a random collection of stat-based thoughts, on hot/cold streaks, sustainability of shot numbers, and clearances.

Two Types of Pressing (Eastbridge Sports Betting) – A look at two statistical ways to analyse pressing, PPDA and Opposition Pass Completion %.

European Intensity (Eastbridge Sports Betting) – Comparing the top 4 European leagues in terms of stat-based intensity. Spoilers, the Premier League doesn’t quite come out on top.

Crystal Palace, Manchester City, and pressing (uMAXit) – Palace and City had two of the most intense presses in the league and they played each other this month, so I looked at the two sides and questioned how good Pards’ press training is.

Manchester United, Arsenal, and Narrative Memory (Eastbridge Sports Betting) – A post-game look at the United-Arsenal game, breaking it down to find how we collectively came to the narrative of United dominating the game and ending up unlucky.

Finishing: What it is and what it ain’t (ETNAR) – A theoretical thinkpiece suggesting that, when talking about ‘finishing skill’, using all shots that a player takes doesn’t quite work.

The Relegation Battle is Opening Up Once Again (Eastbridge Sports Betting) – With the bottom of the table feeling kinda weird, I looked at recent seasons and found a surprising pattern.

The Football Manager Random Number Challenge, ep. 1 (ETNAR) – Prompted by the end of the FM series at, I re-started a challenge I’d come up with earlier in the year, this time taking charge of West Bromwich Albion with my handy-dandy random number generator RANDOM at my side.



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