Fanalyst survey: Favourite tweeters

The favourite fanalysts of 2015/16 question has been answered, but who are peoples’ favourite tweeters? This category was included because not everyone has the time to trawl through pages on WhoSquawked or the StatsZone app and write articles, but still deserve a shout out.

The bunch at the top are those who weren’t mentioned in the fanalysts category, and then another of the ‘overlap’.


Favourite tweeters:


I’ll now include some mentions for fanalysts who were mentioned here as well:

  • Dustin Ward – “Tweets very interesting stats regularly”
  • Michael Caley – “Because he regularly tweets his charts”
  • Paul Riley – Got an “RIP”, presumably when it looked as if Paul was leaving Twitter for good. Or maybe it was a threat. Who knows. (Guessing it was the former). Also a “Definitely the most entertaining voice”
  • Mike Goodman – “He’s a good guy and he’s funny and he writes well”
  • 11tegen11 – “Very Twitter friendly visualisations”
  • Istvan Beregi – “Love the video stuff”
  • Naveen Maliakkal – “Even though he doesn’t write articles, his thoughts about how teams should work are good; also good to interact with on any topic”
  • MessiSeconds – “Bridges the gap between casual observer and analytics”
  • SteMc74 – “Not too many articles but still shares interesting graphics”
  • EdAfootball – “Sharing interesting articles and pertinent live analyses”
  • Florent Toniutti – Same as edAfootball ^
  • Ted Knutson – “You learn a thing or two about football by following him”

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