Fanalyst survey: Fanalysts for the future

We’ve had the favourite fanalysts of 2015/16, and the favourite tweeters, but now it’s time for the people we’re looking forward to seeing more of in the coming year. Maybe they’ll be break-out stars, maybe they’ll carry on their previous good work (or maybe we just don’t want them to disappear behind a veil of mystery).

Like with the favourite tweeters post, the first bunch will be people who haven’t previously been mentioned (though keeping track of who has and hasn’t may be difficult, so it the divide may or may not be wholly accurate).

Who are we looking forward to?

  • Kevin Minkus
  • Sean Steffan
  • boxtoboxcbRE
  • flyingwingback
  • Tim Palmer
  • Cl_ftbl
  • Ian Baldwin
  • Pete Owen
  • Andre Brener
  • Statactics
  • “Anyone with cool ideas, bonus points if they’re a lovely person”
  • FMAnalysis
  • “I’m not looking forward to any concrete aspect, but to the development in general”
  • “Haven’t they all been hired?”
  • “Anyone. I think the community is at the stage where people don’t see much point in putting out stuff for free only to see it get incorporated by someone else with little or no credit”
  • “More visualisation, more proof of concepts being verified by analysis”


Now for some others, people who were mentioned multiple times or had something particularly nice said about them:


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