Fanalyst survery: Favourite fanalysts of 2015/16

OK then, the results are in. This piece will focus on peoples’ favourite fanalysts, tweeters, and articles of the past year and then there’ll be another one about the other questions in the survey. This is the awards ceremony, as it were.

There were so many people mentioned who are doing good work right now that I can’t say a lot about all of them. I will try and mention everyone though, although it will be a mix of real names and screen names, largely depending on which was written in the survey response. If there was anything particularly nice said, I’ll include that too.

Actually, having written this out, I’ll write different posts for 1) favourite fanalysts 2) favourite tweeters 3) who you’re looking forward to seeing more from 4) favourite articles

So, in no particular order:

Favourite fanalysts


3 thoughts on “Fanalyst survery: Favourite fanalysts of 2015/16

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