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How much of an insight can Leicester’s pre-season friendly against Celtic give us?

How much of an insight can Leicester’s pre-season friendly against Celtic give us? Defining it definitively is probably a recipe for being dredged up in three months when the current (English) Premier League champions are doing something completely different. However, there were aspects which were striking.

Leicester lined up in the 4-4-2 that was their usual in 2015-16.

Leicester line up

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My Pokémon Go squad

By now, I’m sure you’ll all be aware of what Pokémon Go is. If not, this article may not be for you.

Right now, I have 18 Pokémon, through judicious and ruthless use of the ‘transfer’ option, getting rid of the little guys that you don’t want in return for a candy. 18. That’s a starting XI and 7 subs.

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Anyone for tennis?

In the lull between the European Championship semi-finals and final, I looked around for something statistical-ish to do and noticed that some small, London tennis tournament was on.

Tennis seems like a perfect thing for stats. Like baseball, it is easily delineated into short actions at the end of which the game moves a small, small step along. Shots tend to be hit from the baseline, deep, or close to the net; central, from the left, or the right; forehand or backhand; points scored by winners, or errors.

I sat down after watching the Women’s final (I wanted to bask in Serena’s tennis glory, and Kerber’s play wasn’t bad either) to have a go at coding the how points were won. To keep things (relatively) simple, I was just looking at the last shot of the point – the winner, or the error (forced or not), or an ace. I won’t go through everything, but here’s my stats scoreboard. Continue reading