Manchester United’s “huge contribution” to women’s football

“The decision was taken some years ago to concentrate on girls’ football as a community activity.  We have since developed that to include elite girls’ development through our Centre of Excellence.  The Club has made a huge contribution to the game through its top level coaching of girls.  At the moment, the Club has no plans to extend that activity to a senior women’s team but the situation is under review.”

– Response at recent Manchester United Fan Forum

“At Manchester United we provide opportunities for girls to play football at the highest level, with the aim of developing international players.”

– Club website, Manchester United Foundation


Manchester United generally respond to questions about why they don’t have a team for women with the line that they have a girl’s centre of excellence. They, I quote, have made a “huge contribution to the game” and aim “of developing international players”.

This is a list of the youth teams of 28 England internationals who’ve featured in the squad since the 2015 World Cup, along with the number of players who passed through that club. Due to some players moving from one youth team to another, the numbers add up to more than 28.

The information is taken from Wikipedia, but with these being international players the information is likely to be quite accurate. Manchester United are on the list, and are in bold.
Man Utd centreofexcellence

“Huge contribution” of a Centre of Excellence “Developing international players” are the reasons given for why Manchester United don’t have a women’s team.


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