The Philosophy (2015 under Louis van Gaal’s United)

The Philosophy (2015 under Van Gaal’s United)

The Promise of All Seeming So far away,
The goal a distant memory
As again the ball circulates
Around the arteries of this pitch,
The need to shoot an itch
Which must be suppressed
To pursue the Greater Goal:
The Philosophy.

Attack, screams the crowd,
To the boss
That sound means little,
As we are attacking.
Come, see, we are in the final third,
Kings on our thrones.

But the colosseum roars,
Demanding more,
As the Emperor remains unmoved,
A taste of blood no excuse
To lower your defences,
An ill-timed thrust leaves you defenceless.
The kill must be clinical
But the crowd grows cynical,
Waiting for the moment to come to





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