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Bane explains our English dismay (yes, the guy from Batman)

By complete coincidence I watched The Dark Knight Rises on the afternoon before England lost 1-0 to Germany. And, because this is the way my mind works, Bane’s words of wisdom became applicable to our (assuming you’re English) current national footballing situation.

In The Dark Knight Rises (POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT), Bane says that there can be no true despair without hope. As a nation, our expectations for our national team probably come from the hope we have been given in its various guises over the years. Continue reading


The continuing importance of the ‘Ron’

Arsenal and Liverpool first and second! Who’d have thought it! Especially at the beginning of the season when everyone was predicting Mourinho’s Second Coming would gift Chelsea the league with Pellegrini’s Manchester City grabbing second. Even when Arsenal bought Özil, nobody really gave them a chance of challenging for the title but here they are, nearly a third of the way through the season, still there at the summit of the Premier League mountain.

And the reason for this (which you’ll already know if you read my piece for the ever-wonderful Bets of Mates is largely down to the re-signing of Flamini and the use of the role that he usually plays [for the sake of looking in-depth, I will just concentrate on Arsenal for this article].

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