Monthly Archives: October 2013

A Poor Team or a Team Playing Poorly?

This won’t be a shocking revelation to anyone but sometimes teams and players can play badly and sometimes they can play well. And while judging a player on their reputation isn’t always a good idea, if a player has a good reputation but has not managed to reach the heights expected of them at a club you are perfectly entitled to wonder why.

It could just be that the player was overhyped but it could be that they’re being played out of position, haven’t ‘fully integrated with the team’ yet, the player’s attitude isn’t right or the coaches and manager aren’t managing to motivate them effectively. Continue reading


Life cycle of a top-flight footballer

During their career, a footballer will go through many different stages on their way (they hope) to ‘the top’. Often, these stages are surrounded in hyperbole, and it is easy to think that the player in question has been performing at their current level for their whole careers, or that you as a fan have ‘always rated him’. 90% of the time though, they haven’t and you haven’t either. But, for an easy reference guide, here are the stages in the life-cycle of a footballer. Continue reading