Monthly Archives: December 2012

Footballing Christmas presents 2012

So, it’s nearly Christmas and many end of year awards will be being held over the next few days but instead of handing out trophies, I’ve decided to hand out nice little imaginary gifts to footballers instead. Here’s the list of stocking-fillers for 2012: Continue reading


Euro 2020 – where’s it gonna be?

The European Championships in 2020 are to be held across cities in Europe. It would be fitting if the 2020 Championships were held across 20 cities to create a nice little arrangement of 20’s. So here is my list of the 20 cities I think should hold matches in the Euros in 8 years’ time. Continue reading

Every Team Needs A Ron

Why haven’t England performed better at major tournaments over the last 20 years? Why couldn’t Gerrard and Lampard work together better in central midfield? Both questions have been pondered over for several years by football fans and theories vary wildly from “they’re too similar” to “they’re too different” and even rumours that they ‘hate each other’. Strangely, my answer starts with a conversation with my Dad about what Ron Weasley brought to the table in the Harry Potter books. Continue reading